Best Compressor For Nail Guns

Best Compressor For Nail Guns


Early History of the Air Compressor

Before we discuss what is the best air compressor for driving nail guns lets talk about the history of the air compressor. Our lungs are the oldest air compressors.  The lungs can exert up to 14 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure. The invention of metallurgy made it a requirement to have a stronger air compressor to increase temperatures of furnaces and fires. The human lung could not produce the sustained psi needed to forge metals. It took over one thousand years for these advances to happen. The first mechanical compressor was developed, it is the bellows.  Historians mark 3000 BC as the start of metallurgy and 1500 BC the use of either human powered or water driven bellows.

Best Compressor for Nail Guns

Air Compressors in Construction

English engineer, in 1762 John Smeaton invented a water wheel driven cylinder that blew air.   Four years later, English industrialist John Wilkinson installed an engine in his machine shop that could produce 14 pounds of pressure per square inch. In 1829, an air compressor was patented.

The construction of a tunnel through the Swiss Alps began in 1850’s. The Mont Cenis Tunnel excavation was started by manually drilling rock at a pace of 1 foot per day. At that pace the project’s completion would take 30 years. Air compression was used to drive the rock drills and the project’s elapsed completion time was reduced by half and took 14 years.

Technology advances, led to advances in air compressor designs. Construction projects got bigger and more complicated new air compressors had to be designed.  Not only larger they had to be smaller and more portable. Now air compressors are operated by battery and still supply sufficient capacity to drive small pneumatic nailers. Air compressor advanced into a variety of types; reciprocating, rotary screw, and rotary centrifugal are three basic types of air compressors. These types are further categorized depending on the number of compressions, cooling, method of power and type of lubrication.

Evolution of Air Tools

The first compressed air driven tool was a drill invented by Joseph Fowle in the mid 1800’s. The compressed air hammer or jackhammer followed shortly after and its inventor William Mcreavy sold the patent to Charles King. Charles King introduced the jackhammer in Chicago in 1893.

Morris S Pynoos, an astronautical engineer, invented the modern day pneumatic nail gun.  The nail gun nailed all of the spruce wood of Howard Hughe’s Airliner made of wood, the Spuce Goose, the world’s largest airplane at the time of its construction.


The best air compressor for nail guns, Emglo

Emglo has been designing and manufacturing the most professional heavy duty air compressors since forever. Today, they have a wide range of innovative and high performance compressors, which are high in demand by house framers, trim carpenters, cabinetmakers and roofers. Emglo EM810-4V Compact 4-Gallon Oiled Air Compressor is one of the masterpiece from Emglo. This machine ranks as a top rated air compressor for nail guns.  It contains twin tanks, a cylinder made of cast iron and a central handle which aids in carrying around this compressor at the jobsite. With its powerful 1.1 HP motor, huge air capacity and air delivery, this amazing compressor has the capability of driving up to 4 brad nailers or 2 framing nailers. Besides, it finishes either flooring or roofing without slowing. This exceptional compressor regarded as a workhorse as meets the needs of most trim carpenters, remodelers, roofers and framers out there. Despite of its light weight, this 56 pound compressor is a beast when it comes to working. It is best small compressor for nail guns.

Comparison Table


Emglo EM810-4V Compact 4-Gallon Oiled Air Compressor


MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor

Stanley Bostitch CAP1512-OF Oil-Free High-Output Trim

Porter-Cable C2002 Oil-free UMC Pancake Compressor


1.1 HP Motor

2.5 HP Motor

2 HP Motor

0.8 HP Motor



77 lbs



Tank Capacity

4 gal

4.2 gal

1.2 gal

6 gal

Air Consumption

at 90 PSI (SCFM)

4 cfm

4.2 cfm

2.8 cfm

2.6 cfm




Oil free

Oil free

Max operating pressure

125 psi

130 psi

120 psi

120 psi











Tank Style

Twin Stack

Hand Carry

Hand Carry

Pancake style

Drive System





Powerful Motor and Body Design 

This unit might look small but don’t let its size confuse you. It can do wonders. The smaller Motor is handy and powerful as compared to heavy motors of other compressors. Its 1.1 HP motor only draws 12 amp and starts quickly without any jerk or tripping breakers. The high-powered pump produces 125 max PSI that enables more nail firing and a quick recovery. The compressor is constructed with effective oil-lubricated pump that provides over 1500 hours of running life. It has a special cast iron cylinder which is missing in other compressors. It might add weight to the compressor but it extends the pump life and its durability. With just one glance at the pump crankcase, you can see the oil level sight glass easily which helps in noting the oil levels without getting in trouble. In addition, there is easy and quick access to crankcase drain to change oil frequently. The internal dual soft-start valves is a value added feature. These valves allow slow and safe buildup of pressure on the pneumatic components.

Oil Lubricated Pump To Enhance Performance

Oil lubricated pump is one of the best features of this compressor which is not present in other models of compressors. What happens is, when you need to start the compressor quickly, the parts are well lubricated with the oil and aids in quick initiation. Moreover, this pump prevents tripping of circuit breakers and jerks. What’s better than a smooth and jerk free performance? The Emglo EM810-4V can drive countless nails a day efficiently and this compressor is definitely the one to buy!

High and Smooth Flow Regulator

There is high flow regulator unlike other models like Makita and Stanley Bostitch. This high flow regulator has a control knob which is quite easy to adjust. Emglo EM810-4V Compact 4-Gallon Oil-Lube Stacked Tank Air compressor is quite light in weight and contains a single angled handle on the top that contributes to the portability and balancing of compressor. Most of the models lack Oil Lubrication hence affecting the performance of regulator. This compressor is less noisy as compared to other models.

Best for Pneumatic Nailing

A pneumatic nailer requires air form of compressor. Greater the capacity and air compression, the better! This compressor proves to be the best air compressor for nail guns as it is capable of performing heavy-duty tasks when combined with the nail gun. In today’s world, where everything has technological advances, so are the methods of construction: framing and roofing nailers. For this, Emglo offers the best air compressor for providing quality work with precision. As compared to other models, Emglo tops the priority list because it operates at low voltage and offers great performance with speed and precision. Some air compressors do not have enough capacity and some are too cumbersome to handle. This compressor is just perfect to use for multiple purposes while others might not have uses as much as this one has.

Reviews Emglo EM810-4V

Customers who have used this compressor are mostly happy and satisfied with it. They love Oil-Lubricated pumps with durable and cast-iron cylinders. Some reported that this compressor runs smoothly which provides trouble-free operation for many years. Dual soft-start valves are customers favourite that ensures a speedy start in hard conditions. Overall, its high-flow regulator and easy oil drainage makes this compressor a must have. Highly recommended by carpenters and roofers, as the best air compressor for nail guns.


Nail gun injuries are common.  Nail guns are used every day on many construction jobs. They boost productivity but also cause tens of thousands of serious injuries each year.


1- Running Life: 1500hrs

2- Quick Recovery power.

3- More Nails Firing Ability: Max PSI of 125.

4- Easily start in cold conditions owing to soft start by dual valves.

5- Solid, durable and compact to survive dropping

6- Ranging: Automatic

7- 50 years of Emglo manufacturing expertise

8- Adapter along with thermocouple of K-Type


1- There is only one coupling, which connects quickly.


Emglo EM810-4V Compact 4-Gallon Oiled Air Compressor  is a most reliable and efficient compressor. I have used this type of compressor for three decades. Acknowledging that Makita makes a high dollar compressor and it is admirable. However, this compressor provides excellent value for your money. With this compressor, you can perform multiple, simultaneous tasks by using more than one nail gun. Every component of this compressor is just perfect for performing heavy duty constructing tasks. Accessible ball drain valves easily drain its lubricating oil.   Small or big workshop owners, carpenters and homeowners can use this compressor for multiple uses. For nailing, one should use this compressor because it is dependable and provides good value.

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